Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Man! Oh, Man! It's been a while! I hope you are all doing very well and that this new year will give you the opportunity to do all the wonderful things you couldn't do in 2015.

I'm so happy to be back here. So much wonderful things happened the past year on my french blog that was m.i.a here.
Anyway, I'm pleased to write something new here and of course it has to be about lipsticks.

My complexion and my boldness allows me to experiment a lot with colors. That's what happened with this hue of color.
I can easily say that i'm about those shades all year long. I do not care if purple is set to be a color for cold weather. I like it ...i wear it!

To start 2016 on a brighter note, what better way than a post full of lipsticks, purple and feng shui?

Often associated with prosperity, purple hues are set to reveal your more colorful side. So if your entourage finds you to be a little excentric, it isn't really your fault...Blame it on your lipstick... not alcohol ;-)

rouge a levres violet lipsticks

I chose 7 (with a surprise) lip products with different textures, finishes and of course, color...but still keeping it within the theme and by scanning the spectrum from lighter to darker shades.
In no particular order, here they are.

bourjois rouge edition pourpre jazzy 36
"#36 Pourpre Jazzy" Rouge Edition Bourjois

I'm a fan of the velvet range which is in my opinion the best lipstick the french brand came out with.
This shade turns out to be more on the mauvy side. It compliments my complexion very well... if i say so myself (please Mr Carter get out of here!).
This lipstick has a creamy texture which allows the bullet to glide on my lips.
Even though it is longlasting (about 10h), it stills feels comfortable throughout the day.
I am very pleased with this lipstick. It is hydrating, feels comfortable and has a very noble lasting power. I'm a fan!

clinique chubby stick intense grandest grape 08
"#08 Grandest Grape" Chubby Stick Intense Clinique
Buying this lip crayon was a no-brainer to me juste because i was already familiar with its quality since i already own another color: #03 Maraschino a red one.
I did not jump on the early buzzing Chubby wagon simply because i found them to be not that pigmented. However, i'm all about this Intense version.
I must say, for the price, 20€, i'll rather buy Revlon's Colorburst Matte Balms. They are pigmented and more opaque, longlasting and cheaper.
Anyway, this chubby stick intense is easy to apply, comfortable and lasts roughly 9h.
Even if i don't enjoy its ligth scent, it doesn't bother me.
However, I must say that i'm disappointed with this shade which I found to be less pigmented than the red one. The other thing that bothered me was the fact that the lid comes off very easily. Since I tend to bring my lipstick with me anywhere I go, i had the messy surprise to see my bag stained with it.

color elixir maybelline 135 raspberry rhapsody

#135 Raspberry Rhapsody Color Elixir by Color Sensational Maybelline
I have a complete review on these coming real soon.
For me, this lip lacquer is more suited for warmer weather or if you are into glossy lips without the stickiness.
This color is not the most pigmented and it comes out very sheer and very glossy. I would have prefer more pigmentation.

lipstick longlasting finish rimmel by kate 29

Lasting Finish by Kate #29 Rimmel
It is probably the most vibrant violet i own but that doesn't keep me from loving it...very....very...very much!
Like other Rimmel products, this does not disappoint. It has that signature scent that some love and other don't. I don't mind it but if it was less intense i will be very happy!
I own two colors from this range #29 and 30. It was a limited edition in France but i know you can still have them online or in Great Britain.

rimmel by kate lipstick 30

Lasting Finish by Kate #30 Rimmel
This one has more of a satin/shiny finish.
Like the others from the Kate collection, this lipstick has a great quality, is comfortable, longlasting and cheap. I could not be happier!
This color is what i have in mind when i think of a purple lipstick; not too blue, not too red. I could wear this anyday, everyday.

kiko milano matte muse 05

#05 Matte Muse Kiko
I am not a fan of the applicator too tricky and time consuming. I am also not a fan of the packaging (it a glass container and you have 8mL which is too much).
However, i love the color and the mat finish.
It is a pretty bright mauvy rosy shade.

moisture renew rimmel 380 dark night waterl-oops
#380 Dark Night Waterl-Oops! Moisture Renew Rimmel
I already talked about this range in a previous post so i am not going to go in depth here.
The pigmentation is great, the bullet glides soflty on the lips thanks to oils within the formula but without the greasy feeling and comfortable and last a good 6h.

#10 Palace Garnet By Terry
This one (the surprise!) is a recent addition from the 2015 Christmas collection.
I am a fan! The color is right up in my alley and the quality is amaaaazing!
The odd-looking brush allows me to easily reach every corner of my lips. It is easy to apply not like the Kiko one...even if they look fairly the same.
I am really impress with the lasting power. After a full day of drinking and eating (twice!), my lips were still stained.
If you know a little bit of something on By Terry,you know this one is pricey...but i love it!

rimmel by kate lipstick 04

#04 Longlasting Lipstick Rimmel
This is my most bold/vampy/what-happened-to-you one.
Funny fact, i bought this by mistake. I wanted a dark burgundy lipstick and i stumble upon this online which look more red than violet. But as you can see it is a deep violet. I still like to wear it though!

1000 Kisses

Most of the time, products i talk about are products that I love and enjoy using.
However, there comes a time where things get a little bit weird. Here are some of the products I came across that weren't my favorites.
dolce gabbana the one

Well Well Well! It's been a while since I've published something here and for that i do apologize. My life was a little bit hectic... Anyway, I'm back with some of my favorites item to use and chat about: LIPSTICKS!

It is not pretentious to say that I'm a lipstick addict (Goooood Moooorning Yan!)
At first, I couldn't be bothered with makeup. I've always appreciated the creativity behind every look but i found that it just took too much time. 
However, wearing lipstick was simple and quick (at least that was what i thought) and for years I was longing for that time when i'll become an adult to rock red lips just like my mom
Well that time has come and i'm all about lips (at least that's what my collection/hoarder ways says about me).
I enjoy trying on new textures and finish. Oh yeah...and I'm not afraid of color!
Close to the end of last year, i stumbled upon the new Hydra Renew line from Rimmel.hydra renew rimmel lipsticks
If you are familiar with the moisture renew line, this is an upgraded version. Now, do these worth the money?
First of all, they changed the packaging but they kept some of Rimmel's signature elements (here the crown).
The Hydra renew's are a few inch larger for the same amount of product. I had to rearrange my stash to fit them. It is not a big deal but it is something to consider.
The top is plastic and the thingy that holds the lipstick is aluminium. Overall, it is ergonomic, sturdy, and light. If you intend to throw them from a skyscraper I don't know if they'll survive.
I really like this new design: it doesn't look as cheap as the moisture renew (bottom on the right) looked.
hydra vs moisture renew rimmelAnyway, there is no reason to be that critical for how much those cost.

Rimmel lipsticks always have the same smell: smell them ones and you don't have to smell them again. It is a strong and specific scent so, if you aren't fan of smelly cosmetics, It is possible that this is just not for you.
They are very easy to apply (they literally glide on the lips and kinda remind me of YSL's lipsticks), comfortable (even more comfortable than the Rimmel by Kate line), lightweight.
The protective and hydrating formula contains vitamins A, C, E and has an spf20. My hat's off to you Rimmel !
To top all that, they are also very pigmented and long-lasting. With these, I don't really need to apply a lip liner.
They brought 16 shades out. The shade that I think is their best-seller must be Back To Fuchsia. It is a really hard one to find and I haven't got the chance to put my hands on them. However, i am very pleased with what i got so far.
I enjoy wearing bright, bold color all year long. If you are not that adventurous, some of these shades are appropriate for the upcoming spring/summer season. I am sure that within their range of 16 shades you can find the one that will suit you.
hydra renew rimmel swatches
vintage pink glam plum fulhamI like the humor the brand adds to the names. You can always count on them to come up with some interesting names celebrating Great Britain or the very distinctive British humor. For example, Glam Plum Fulham (is referring to the Fulham in the south west of London) , As You Want Victoria (which is referring to late Queen Victoria and is also a metro station nearby Westminster's Castle, Dark Night Waterl-Oops! (my favorite, is regarding the batlle of Waterloo).
Rimmel is certainly representing England (or Great Britain) in the most colourful way and i must admit they are naiiiiiiiiling it!
As You Want Victoria is a sober pink, Dark Night Waterl-Oops! is a very vampy deep burgundy/wine shade (this could be a cheaper alternative to YSL's Rouge Pur Couture The Mats #205 featured in my 2014 October favorites), Mayfair Lady is a very bold red with some orange undertones, Diva Red is also a bright red but two shades darker than Mayfair Lady, Vintage Pink (does look a lot strange on me) is as his name indicates an old nude pink, Glam Plum Fulham is a bright purple burgundy.
All the swatches are made with one swipe so you can appreciate how pigmented these are. 
Rimmel has done a really good job with these lipsticks. They have a great quality at an affordable price (between 6 and 9€). They weight 4g which is not bad for a lipstick.
This updated version is really pigmented, lightweight, comfortable and long-lasting. Once again, Rimmel came through with some very nice lip products and I can only bow down (not the bitches?).
Colorful kisses.

The fact that the month of October went by so quickly reminds me that no one owns time, we can only manage it.
I find that this type of post not only closes a drastic changing weather month, but it also is a good introduction to a new one that i foresee exciting .
october favourites Without further ado, i will share a few things that i had the pleasure meeting.
I am getting more and more comfortable managing my time and choosing posts i publish. I also had on my french blog great feedback and here, i feel like slowly but surely some of you are getting into it and coming back for more.
So, WELCOME to my family and I really do appreciate you guys! Not only because it is a sign that my English isn't completely awful but also that you find what I write interesting (i hope!).
Skincare and hygiene-wiseYves Rocher has unthinkable treasures and this body lotion is one of them. It is the Repair Lotion for Extra Dry Skin from their Expert Repair range. This travel size was a gift from a purchase. I was planning to use this in winter when my legs will start to be dry and uncomfortable. But, the enchanting smell got me to use it earlier and i did found a better use for it: I use it after exfoliating or shaving.
Even if I don't have dry skin, in those times, my skin need an extra "humpf" and that is exactly what this lotion brings. My skin is hydrated and sooth.
I liked this so much that i finished the beast. 
lait reparateur yves rocher150 mL cost 9€50 
From the same brand, their Blackberries Hand Cream was such a nice discovery that I had to write an entire article praising it.
creme mains fruits noirs collection noel 2014 yves rocher75 mL cost 2€50
When winter comes, it is rather a challenge to live in a big city. To twirl around town without collecting all people's germs, this item is a must-have: a hand sanitizer. Mine is thepurifying gel Mava Clear from the Switzerland brand Mavala.
It didn't leave my bag. Not only was it gentle, but it was also hard with the germs.
I don't think this specific gel is sold anymore, but i am sure you can find an alternative in any drugstore or pharmacy.
gel purifiant mava clear mavala50 mL cost 7€
If you are a nail polish lover as I am, you know that a good care is needed to guarantee a perfect manicure. For some reason, my hands and nails needed an extra care.
This cuticles scrub from Biguine with its pink micro-beads helped sooth my cuticles by scrubbing them. Its applicator is similar to a lip lacquer's (if, of course, pachyderms wore lipsticks because it isn't smooth).
biguine gommage cuticules13€ in drugstores
Even if i own a few, foundations, aren't "my thing". The Matt Touch Foundation from Yves Saint Laurent fought its way to my stash. Even if it is oil-free and has a spf 10, I wasn't very happy with the result.
After applying it many different ways (brush, hand), I did find the perfect way to apply it: I use a Beauty Blender sponge and now I get why this foundation is pricey and why people had so many good things to say about it. It is comfortable, light, mattifying and long-lasting.
I don't think this you can find this in stores anymore but i am sure you can still find it on the internet even if YSL discontinued them.
My shade is 12.matt foundation ysl30 mL cost between 35 and 45€
The Flawless bronzing brush from the Terracotta line by Guerlain is a light tinted cream that i use rarely as a bronzer but mainly as a foundation to unify my complexion.
I have the universal shade 00 Natural Bronze.guerlain terracotta fluide bronzantThis bronzer was discontinued and a similar and better alternative is the Terracotta Joli Teint sold almost everywhere for roughly 44€ the 30 mL.
I played a little bit with Rimmel's ScandalEyes eye shadow in shade Bad Girl Bronze. It is greasy and smooth, has a wonderful pigmentation, is long-lasting and very affordable.
For a quick and light makeup, it is ideal. It also can be used as a base for a more intense and festive look.
rimmel scandaleyes bad girl bronzeThis is sold between 6 and 8€ in drugstores.
I played around with Lancôme's Hypnôse Drama Eyes Dazzling eye shadow in shade Eternal Emerald.
This color was from their 2013 holiday collection. They brought out some two nice new shades this spring.
These eye shadows come with a mini flat brush (very useful) that can be used to apply the product as a eyeliner or an eye shadow. I feel like it opens my eyes...in a good way!hypnose drama eyes lancomeIt cost around 30€ les 5,5g (which is expensive!) but you have for your money.
Bad gal Plum from Benefit and The Rocket Volum'Express from Maybelline were my go-to mascaras for an intense and colorful look.      mascara bad gal plum benefitmascara maybelline rocket volume expressBenefit mascara 23€ les 8,5g
Maybelline mascara around 8€
The nail polish that I wore most of the time and which was perfect for the grey weather is Rimmel's 60 seconds #605 Grey Matter.rimmel 60 seconds grey matterIt costs around 5€ the 8mL
I played around with some lipsticks from Rimmel's new line Hydra Renew. I will review these soon.
#470 Glam Plum Fulham and #380 Dark Night Waterl-Oops! were the ones I wore the most with Rimmel's Apocalips lip lacquer in shade #304 Eclipse which has an amazing pigmentation, is comfortable for a small price, and finally YSL's Rouge Pur Couture The Mats in shade #205 Prune which has an amazing quality.
All those colors are perfect for fall/winter or all year long if you are more adventurous like me.
From left to right #380, #470, #304.rimmel lipstick show off hydra renewrouge pur couture the mats 205 yslHydra renew around 9€ the 4g in drugstores
Rimmel's Apocalips around 9€ the 5,5 mL in durgstores
YSL around 30€ the 3,8 g
I also discovered Bourjois's 24H liner in Ultra Black and Rimmel's Exaggerate eyeliner in #001 100% Black which both are really good.
For the ratio quality/price I prefer Rimmel's and for how comfortable it is to use, i choose Bourjois's.rimmel bourjois linerBourjois's cost around 8€ and Rimmel's 6€ in drugstore
Sometimes I wear blush and the past month was a "blushy month"(what? you didn't know that people with dark skin blush? Just kidding!!!).
I brought out my Elizabeth Arden's ceramide cream blush in shade #4 Plum.
It is longlasting and you just need a sweep. The color is buildable and the finish is rather soft and natural.blush elizabeth ardenThe 2,67g cost around 30€.
I like to cook and bake but to this day, I haven't learned how to make/grow my own cereals. While I wait for that time to come, I bought these cereals from Kelloggs.
The reason I talk about these is mainly because they are now in a different packaging which preserves the flavor but it also minimal (they got rid of the box).
kelloggs extra pepitesI hope they will make these in other sizes because 500g is too small.It is 4€ a box.
I like music (it is an understatement!) and I wanted to close this monthly favorites in music because only music can make you relax, cry, dance, but, also reflect.
I never was into the craziness around Taylor Swift's music. Even if her ballads that I enjoy were scarce, i couldn't stop moving my toes when Shake it off came on radio or TV!
She definitely is no lyricist but, the hook is catchy and It is a real "go f*** off" to the haters.
I couldn't stop listening to the musical "brews" of the talented Kina Grannis. She is on tour now so if you want her live maybe she is jamming somewhere nearby.
This next stop isn't a discovery but I wanted to share it anyway because this band has great potential, great energy on stage and they make good music. Mr Crock is a small Parisian indie pop folk band with some rock accents.
I took great pleasure discovering and really listening to Benjamin Clementine. His talent, his message, his voice, and allure took me to places and also made me think about my brother (long story!!! but bro' if you stop by, you know what i mean!).
Two TV shows with great potential were my clear favorites: How To Get Away With Murder because of the performance of Viola Davis and the intrigue and, Bad Judge for the humor, the unconventional script and Kate Walsh's legs ;).
I encountered a singing show called Rising Star. I don't know if it's the format that is weak or if i just don't get it. Anyway, it wasn't for me!
I hope your month was as eventful as mine was.
Take care.
Oils and I have a great, long and slippery relationship. 

I was introduced to them at a very early age by my mom. She transformed to a wizard of a certain sort while she was making those mixtures for hair/skincare. Even if back then it was a struggle (all you curly/afro hair carriers know what I mean!) to manage my hair and get on the oil wagon, now, to me, it feels quite natural to use them. So thanks mum!
I will share my thoughts on some of the oils I use on my hair.


Nowadays, oils on the market are hi-tech and they don't have too much in common with the ones from way back when...
Not only textures are much more pleasant and practical but innovations in this domain are hitting new highs.
I will briefly talk about them now, and in another post I will get up close and personal with some of them.
Achtung! It is going to be slippery!

These last 4 to 6 years, we have been literally flooded, and spoiled with innovations and discoveries of exotic oils, each more efficient than the other. 
Obviously, they are not all the same, and they don't have the same purpose.

Gliss Kur's Every Day Oil Elixir from Schwarzkopfhuilegliss
Some of you may not know but, this Every Day Oil Elixir was on of the first (if not the first) oil of its kind on the market.
It is the first one that I bought when I was in Germany, when all the craziness around oil wasn't.
Obviously, they made changes and the formula is different now. And I still love it.
It is made with argan and sunflower oils, which are known to be nourishing, repairing, protective and anti-breakage
This one is more dense than the others, just two pumps are enough for the entire hair from top to bottom.
I use it for every day styling or before blow-drying. It helps a lot with the breakage, leaves my hair, not only nourish, soft, smooth, shiny, and all that without feeling greasy or heavy.

It costs between 7 and 9€ the 75mL

The repairing oil from L'Occitane en Provence
huile reparatrice loccitane
This one is from their really good Aromachologie line for dry and damaged hair.
This oil replaced the serum which i liked very much. At first, because I was so found of the serum i was a little bit skeptic about the efficiency of this oil version.
However, after a while, i started comparing it to other oils and now i am completely all for it.
Its patented formula is made with five essential oils (Ylang-Ylang, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Geranium, Angelica) renowned to help with breakage.

I pour a 3 to 4 pumps into the palm of my hand, warm it a little bit and work it through my hair from the ends to the roots (i have really dry hair but,  if you have greasy roots i don't think you should do that tho').
I use it on humid hair but also on a every day basis for a deep care. That's why it became my go to oil for the winter time.
I've seen tremendous changes on my hair. Not only it helps detangle my hair, it reduced the breakage for about 90% (it is the only one that had that effect on my afro), and protect against sun and heat damage. 
I also enjoy its nice and relaxing aromatic scent.
L'Occitane has really good products and this one is no exception. I will recommend this in a heartbeat.

L'Occitane sells this 20€ the 100 mL.

L'huile extraordinaire de la gamme Elseve par L'Oréalhuile extraordinaire
I think this one is called Oleo Therapy Perfecting Oil Essence in the US and Elvive Extraordinary Oil in the UK.

With all the brouhaha around this one, i was expecting a lot, and maybe too much. After using it for more than a year, i can say that my disappointment is as huge as my excitement was!
It can be used before shampoo, blow-drying, and as a on a day-to day basis to smooth ends.

I use it before the blow-drying, when my hair isn't completely dry. It helps a lot and makes my hair more manageable. My hair is both smooth and shiny.

Sometimes, I use it for a final touch to give some shine to my "do".

The best way that i can use this is before the shampoo. It brings smoothness to my hair.

I don't think that I will take the risk twice and buy this oil again not only because i cannot stand the smell, it is not nourishing, and very messy; after using it I cannot help to have it all over the place and this even if I am extremely careful. I wouldn't categorized this as been a dry oil, it is a little bit greasy.
For how much this costs, I much prefer Schwarzkopf's one (from above) which has, in my opinion, the best value for its price.

It costs between 10 and 12€ the 100mL.

The Rare Blend Total Hair Therapy from Ojonrare melange ojon
This one is the latest addition to what can be called my oily shrine.
Even if I have, in the past, used one product from Ojon; it was the pre-cleansing treatment which i really loved, I battle for a while whether or not I should splurge and try another product from the brand. With the help of Rachel Martino, I settled on this oil.

It is a total hair therapy made with rare exotic oils, which is supposed to nourish and repair, boost moisture, prevent heat damage, tame frizz and reveal shine.

It hasn't been that long that i started using this, so, I haven't seen all the greatness escape from the bottle to be trapped in my hair. The only thing that I can say for sure is that it really helps to detangle my hair and brings a subtle shine.
I like the light scent and the fact that it doesn't leave any residue on my hands or my hair.
It is a very pricey one but, you just need a little bit for each use.

The 45 mL cost 34€.

Gliss Kur's Colour Shine Tonic by Schwarzkopfgliss colour shine tonic
This one is in a spray form and that I do appreciate. It is really good to protect from the UV, preserve the color, and add shine.
I use it as a final touch after styling for a diamond-like shine!
Even if I find this practical, and a cheaper version of  the Extraordinary Oil from L'Oreal , this oil is just not for me. I want more from an oil; not just the shine, nor the UV filter. I want it to be nourishing and repairing.
The 100 mL cost between 5 and 7€.

Castor Oil from the french brand Natessance by Lea Naturehuile de ricin
I chose this oil because its formula is SLS-, paraben-, preservatives-, and paraffin-free.
Castor oil is known to bring strength. It is also a very dense oil, so, i don't need that much product. A little goes a long way. Plus, it can also be use on nails.
I use it alone or with jojoba and coconut oil for a pre-shampoo deep care.
This oil is also quite cheap: between 3 and 6€ the 100 mL.

I hope this oily post was helpful.
Have a great week. Take care!
Getting rid of my acne scars is a goal of mine as I already spoken about it when I reviewed products like the Even Better Clinical Dark Spots Corrector from Clinique, or the Dark Spots minimizing Serum from Sephora on my French blog.

Even if i want to regulate my production of sebum, I am not safe from getting some pimples here and there.
Guess what? That happened again and this time when things went sour, i decided to give the Serum Magnifica from Sanoflore (a brand specialized in organic beauty products from L'Oreal Paris) a try.
It is a high precision rescue corrector which has an action on shine, pores and imperfections.

Usually, i try to adapt my routine: I eat more healthy and change my skincare routine to suit my needs.But this time it was an emergency. 
So is It good, bad, or ugly?

Packaging and texture
The product comes in a tiny textured, and opaque plastic tube. The tip reminds me of eyes products. Even if the tip is tiny and rigid, that doesn't affect the distribution at all. I even like it because I can easily control what amount comes out.

The gel-like texture makes it really easy to use. However, you must not be lazy and take your time applying it because when it dries, it leaves a film on the skin which makes it a little harder to work with.magnificademo
Aqua/Water•Mentha Piperita Leaf Water/Peppermint Leaf Water*•Alcohol Denat**•Glycerin•Zea Mays Starch/Corn Starch•Perlite•Dehydroxanthan Gum•Arginine•Salicylic Acid•Cymbopogon Flexuosus Oil*•Citral•Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil/Rosemary Leaf Oil*•Menthol•Geraniol•Limonene•Satureia Montana Oil*•Eugenol•Cymbopogon Nardus Oil/Citronella Oil*•Eugenia Caryophyllus Flower Oil/Clove Flower Oil*•Nepeta Cataria Oil*•Origanum Heracleoticum Flower Oil*•Thymus Vulgaris Oil*•Thyme Flower/ Leaf Oil*•Mentha Piperita Oil/Peppermint Oil*•Linallol•Citronellol•Melissa Officinalis Leaf Oil*•Isoeugenol•Citric Acid
*ingredient from organic farming
**ingredient transformed from an ingredient issue from organic farming

Sanoflore is an organic brand so it's not a shock to see that some of his ingredients are from organic farming.
The norms in Europe are far more strict than the ones in the US so this makes this product even better. 
This formula is paraben-, SLS-, silicone-,mineral oil-free.
The plants from which the ingredients are from, are grown without pesticide which seems pretty straightforward for organic ingredients but isn't very easy to achieve because as you may know, pesticides are volatile, so nothing can really guarantee that the plants aren't corrupt unless all the farm nearby are also organic farms. That's why Sanoflore grew their plants in a region in South East of France (Vercors) with very little pollution.

This serum contains patented essence of organic lamiaceae and mentha piperita in high concentration, as well as salicylic acid. 
They act upon bacterial proliferation, sebum oxidation, shine and the inflammatory state.

My experience
The first thing that I like with this product, before even getting into the grit of its purpose, is the versatility. It can be used in the morning, at night, or whenever you want over the course of the day.
It is a icy gel that gives a nice refreshing and calming feeling. It is very clever for those of us with sensitive skin.
It has the great smell of essential oil which is relaxing and wears off rapidly.
Even if it doesn't dry the skin, it doesn't hydrate either. So you have to make sure that your skin stays hydrated.
I applied it day and night and i saw tremendous changes in a week. My T-zone was about 60% less shiny that it was and my comedos dried very fast.
However, even if this serum is supposed to tighten pores, i didn't see much a difference on my pores.

I bought this serum because i wanted a quick fix and that is exactly what it did do.
Don't be fooled by its tiny waist; a little goes a long way.

If I compare this gel to La Roche-Posay's Effaclar K, I find that Sanoflore's corrector works faster. However, I wonder if that effect lasts.
With my sensitive skin it is almost always a double ended sword situation because I can have products that work but are too harsh for my skin or are suitable to my skin but are not that good. I am very content with this gel from Sanoflore because not only it is very gentle with my skin, but it is also very good.

The 15mL cost around 15 and 19€.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this high precision corrector. Sanoflore's Magnifica line is very complete and i am eager to test out more products.

I also wanted to thank my readers. You guys are awesome!
I didn't expect to have that many people taking the time to stop by. Your support gave me more confidence and made me want to go even further. You will definitely read more from me.

I am all for products which intend to simplify my life. That's why when, a few months ago, drugstores were flooded with Palmolive's new line of foaming hand washer, I was very excited.
I was very intrigued by the name "Magic Softness",and i was wondering if this was a marketing test-run to see if they could sell it for Christmas. I don't know what you guys think but, to me Magic Softness sounds more dreamy, holidays, ...etc.
Since then, they changed the name and are selling them as a permanent edition.
MagicSoftnessVedetteTo Palmolive, this foam is revolutionary. I get that there isn't a great deal of products with the same technology, but Palmolive won't be the first, nor the last to use it. Brands like Bath & Body Works, Salt City or Attirance were already selling similar products centuries ago.
Last year I bought online from the Latvian brand Attirance a few products. The cherry blossom hand foam was one of them.
So when Palmolive dropped this foam on the market, I had few reasons to be excited. The first one being that I don't have to buy this kind of products online anymore, the second one was that the foam guarantees magic moments. 

Packaging and texture
First of all, the bottle comes with a pump. That alone makes my life easier since you just need one hand to use it. You just need to push the top to have a cloud of foam.  As you can see both products use the same technique.

MagicAttiranceDemoIn fact, the liquid moves up and comes in contact with the air contained in the receptacle (the air within the receptacle is from when the pump relaxes itself otherwise it cannot move). This mixture also has surfactants agents that help the foaming process.
The foam is dense and lightweight. A pump delivers the amount of product necessary to wash hands.

Aqua•Sodium Laureth Sulfate•Glycerin•Cocamidopropyl Betaine•Sodium Benzoate•Castoryl Maleate•Sodium Salicylate•Parfum•PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate•PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate•Citric Acid•Tetrasodium EDTA•Benzophenone-4•Hexyl Cinnamal•Limonene•Linalool•CI 14700•CI 42090•CI 17200
Ingredients are expected for this type of product. The composition (SLS, dye, etc...) is very far from clean. However, this formula is less aggressive than others.

My experience
I was expecting the smell to be yummy and addictive; that wasn't the case at all. The smell is very light, not so fruity and not long-lasting. I was so disappointing and I felt lied to. I also would have appreciate if the formula was anti-bacterial.
I like the fact that it is easy to use. You just have to push and be served. No need to hold the bottle.
The technology behind is innovative and efficient but the formula itself has to be improved otherwise those magic moments would be anything but.

At first, they launched two scents: raspberry and mandarin. Since then, they added one more scent: jasmine.
I have no preference between those three since they are very lightly scented.
This foaming soap is suppose to be gentle on the hands, to leave them incredibly soft  and hydrated. The creamy cloud of foam is dense and cleans properly. But, I find them drying, even if the formula contains hydrating compounds.
The brand says that 250mL last 200 washes. I didn't count how many times I used it but it did last me about a month.  They costs around 2€40. The price is high for what it is. Maybe they justify it by the fact it is a foam.

Even if this foam is not it for me, I kept the bottle and I fill it with a mixture of water and a soap suitable to my sensitive skin. That makes it even cheaper.
? A few interrogations ?:I haven't detected which ingredient was responsible for that raspberry/mandarin scent. This whole thing made me doubtful of Palmolive's ways(maybe this secret ingredient is stuck within what they labelled as perfume).The product is made in Thaïland. I didn''t understand why. I am use to those kind of product being made in Europe. Apparently, the group Colgate-Palmolive manufactures some of its products like toothpaste, this foam soap, in China, Thaïland, ...etc. Anyway, it doesn't affect in any way, shape or form the quality of the product and i don't mind at all but i was just curious.

That’s all folks…Cheers!!!
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